Aluminum/Stainless cleaner (Polished surfaces)
Ready to use out of the container, no dilution necessary. Apply to aluminum/stainless steel/chrome, wait 1 ½ to 2 minutes – DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY, rinse with hi-pressure cold water 2800+ psi. Do not spray TCI 503HD directly onto a hot metal surface since it will alter the chemistry – resulting in staining. Apply with all plastic sprayer or you can brush it on or both. It is formulated to remove dirt & corrosion, not etching highly polished aluminum.

TCI 503 HD contains No hydrofluoric acid. It will NOT DULL any polished surface and doesn’t leave a chalky film. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Before and After

Brush-less soap
Super-concentrated phosphate-free brush-less soap. Mix 10 to 1 ratio. 10 parts water, 1 part soap. Spray on vehicle, allow 2 minute reaction time, rinse with high pressure and cold water. TCI 710 HD is safe on all surfaces, car, vans, trucks, trailers, buses, recreational vehicles, boats and siding. It is ideal for removing bugs, road film, lime dust, oxides, diesel soot, oil and grease.

Removes cement, rust, scale, lime
TCI 301-50 HD formula effectively removes heavy deposits of residual cement, concrete, mortar, rust, scale, lime, drywall compound, stucco and plaster with minimal time and effort. It is designed for the construction industry to clean equipment used in hauling cement, on-site process mixers, ready-mix trucks and chutes.

Will not harm polished or painted surfaces. TCI 301-50 HD is a concentrated ready to use liquid. Do not let any chemical solution dry on any surface.

Aluminum/Stainless Steel cleaner (Non-Polished surfaces)
Phosphate free aluminum brightener and stainless steel cleaner (satin finish.) NOT TO BE USED ON POLISHED ALUMINUM. It is designed for the retention and restoration of high optical reflectivity and pacification of stainless steel. TCI 521 HD formula is designed to effectively remove residual dirt, oils, black welding and diesel soot, rust and oxidation on painted surfaces, smut, atmospheric contamination on fiberglass and painted siding, corrosion and oxide films from aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.

Parts cleaning solvent (non-aqueous)
NON-AQUEOUS PARTS CLEANING SOLVENT. The cleaning performance is superior to mineral spirit base solvent for Parts, Tools & Equipment. TCI 105 HD is a ready to use surfactant/solvent chemical system. Ideal for parts cleaning systems. Cleaned parts rinsed with water are film free, inhibited against flash rusting and corrosion. Safe on all metals including accessories.

De-greaser and fly ash remover (heavy duty)
Heavy duty degreaser and fly ash remover. TCI 100 HD is a gentle, fast, efficient and very powerful solvent for oil-grease-tar bitumen emulsification. The chemical solution rinses film free thus rendering the exposed surfaces pacified against chemical deterioration. This formulation is superior in cleaning performance and safety when compared to alkali or petroleum distillate degreasers.

Before and After

Hand wash soap
SUPER CONCENTRATED HAND WASH soap formulated to remove dirt, road film, stack carbon, heavy soil, wax and grease. TCI 700 HD mixed 2 ounces of soap to 5 gallons of water will safely clean your tractor trailer without dulling high polished components. Hand wash with a soft brush or mitt and rinse with cold water pressure washer. TCI 710 HD Will keep aluminum and paint as shiny as possible.

Preserve a Shine
Preserve-A-Shine is a light amber liquid containing a solvent soluble blend of sealant polymers. Properly applied to chrome and painted surfaces with a plastic sprayer, the treated surface will be protected by an extremely long lasting glass-like finish. For use on vehicles and trailers on sales lots, in transit from manufacturer, and those who want to keep a factory finish shine. Protects surfaces from salt spray and road grime to keep that new look. Easily removed with TCI 503 HD or TCI 710 HD.

Proper Use

Use ALL products per instructions on container, proper use will ensure optimum results. Information pertaining to products is given in good faith. No warranty, expressed or implied is made.